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Our members have a lot to say about us!

"We have been working out at La Misión Fitness & Yoga for 3 months now. Their new location is perfect and they keep improving the facility at a rapid pace! They have excellent machines for a total fitness workout. They have varied classes and competent personal trainers. Being seniors we enjoy the La Misión experience and it's many benefits. My balance has improved and I've been told by a number of other members that my posture is much better - How great is that!"

- L.G.

 "I feel stronger all around, have lost weight, and have more confidence. Although I was one of a group class of eight, I always got personal attention, and felt like I was working with a personal trainer. I think everyone in the group benefited the motivation from the others – by the end we were a team and really supportive of one another."


"The staff at La Misión always provide the best nutritional and fitness information and encouragement to it's members. It feels so good just to enter the door and be in the presence of the staff and other members. I've met some really great people and everyone's so friendly! I feel better about myself than I have in years and I have so much support! My energy level today is unbelievable! Before I had only tried walking to lose weight. But with the nutritional and fitness guidance I've received from the staff, I have already seen a dramatic difference."


"My wife and I over the years have belonged to quite a few health clubs; from California to Texas and back. Nothing compares to La Misión Fitness & Yoga. It's clean with a tremendous ocean view, and has all the equipment necessary for people to utilize. The best portion is the efficiency of the many, many types of classes!! Also, we are treated with respect and the staff is amazingly helpful. It is a true pleasure that we have joined this complete health club."


"La Misión Fitness & Yoga is not your ordinary gym... McManus and his partner and Yoga trainer, Norma Sanchez, have re-imagined the old gym model with La Misión Fitness & Yoga, where "functional training" with balls, bands, ropes and other training toys or props makes exercise fun again. Here is where small group training experiences (max 4-5 people) are preferred to the do-it-yourself model. Clients of La Misión Fitness & Yoga have learned how much fun this type of small group, functional training can be. All agree: "It's like being a kid on a playground again!"

-Excerpt from Gringo Gazette, January 8th, 2017

"I feel 10 years younger! The gym is a wonderful place, the staff is warm, friendly and extremely encouraging. It is a great place to find yourself again."

- J.G.

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