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Biggest Loser Series: Strength Training for Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Skinny woman measuring her waist with pink tape measure

We are well in to our First Annual Biggest Loser Contest at La Misión Fitness and Yoga and already our contestants are showing great results and having fun! Today we want to showcase the many positive affects of Strength Training for weight loss.

The Amazing Benefits of Strength Training For Weight Loss:

Strength Training Burns 5-7 times more calories than cardio training

It does this by increases your metabolism for up to 36 hours after training compared to 1-2 hours with cardio training. Strength training builds lean muscle mass, which again increases your metabolic rate, and decreases our bodies fat stores. This lean muscle mass also helps us to look and feel younger! However, this isn't to say that cardio training is useless. It is still important to have some form of cardiovascular training in your regimen.

Strength Training makes you... well... STRONGER!

Along with making your muscles stronger, strength training has a profound effect on other parts of our body too! It increases our organs ability to release certain hormones that would otherwise decline as we age, our tendons and ligaments also get stronger with strength training, and bone density can also increase. These affects are not seen when cardio training is the only form of exercise used.

Strength Training Positively Affects Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels

Resistance training has been shown to decrease low density lipid (LDL) cholesterol. This is the "bad" cholesterol that has a tendency to stick inside our arteries and veins as plaque deposits. As our bodies adapt to strength training it also finds other daily tasks easier, like pumping blood while at rest. This in turn lowers our resting blood pressure levels. Both of these factors lower your chances of developing or dying from heart disease!

Strength Training Improves Flexibility and Mobility

When proper exercise form and technique are used, strength training can and will greatly improve your ability to move. While it won't get you into complex yoga poses, many of our members see dramatic flexibility improvements after only one strength session!

Frank Zane 1977 compared to 2007
Frank Zane, 3x Mr. Olympia Winner, Continued strength training into his 70s!

Strength Training Gives You a Better Life Overall

There are many more positive effects that we simply do not have room to list here. One of the most powerful effects though is the improved outlook that comes with better health and strength. All exercise, but strength training especially, has been shown to decrease depression! Risk factors for other diseases, such as: prostate and colon cancer, low testosterone, osteoporosis, diabetes, and possibly even dementia have been shown to be reduced as a result of strength training.

All of the above factors, including the amazing results that we've seen in our members, are why we are quick to recommend strength training to everyone, but especially our weight loss clients. We strongly believe that strength training is one of the keys to "Feeling Better" and "Living Longer".

-Corey Evans, CSCS, CISSN

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