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La Misión Fitness & Yoga: More Than Just a Gym

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

woman walking on treadmill
Unlike most gyms, you can do cardio and see dolphin's at La Misión Fitness & Yoga

If you’ve had the opportunity to tour our beautiful gym in La Misión you likely noticed quite a few things that make it special. Of course the gym has the typical bells and whistles, but there are four things that truly make La Misión Fitness & Yoga a unique service to our area.

La Misión Fitness & Yoga’s Location

It’s hard to have a better location for a gym. It is the only building on the East side of the free road heading in to La Misión, there is plentiful parking, and the view of the ocean from the second floor is spectacular. La Misión Fitness & Yoga is also the only full gym between Rosarito and Ensenada. It serves a large community that otherwise wouldn’t have easy access to preventative and recreational health services.

La Misión Fitness & Yoga’s Staff

The staff at La Misión Fitness & Yoga collectively has over 45 years of experience in the health and wellness field. The staff consists of certified personal trainers, nutrition consultants, knowledgeable yoga and Pilates instructors, and a strength coach. With its wide range of expertise, the staff at La Misión Fitness & Yoga can serve almost anyone who walks in the door.

La Misión Fitness & Yoga’s Market

Perhaps what is most unique about La Misión Fitness & Yoga is the organic market hosted on the grounds every Wednesday. The staff gathers fresh, organic produce, meats, breads, and other products from el valle de Guadalupe and transports it to La Misión to sell. The vegetables and fruits are all grown to organic standards (no pesticides, herbicides, non GMO etc.) and the meats are either completely free-range/grass fed, or in some instances finished with grain feed that is free of hormones, steroids and other animal by products. The market provides the most nutritious foods that are available in the area every week to a very appreciative community.

La Misión Fitness & Yoga’s Members

Without it's members, La Misión Fitness & Yoga would be just another building with an ocean view. The community of like minded members is truly what makes La Misión Fitness & Yoga special. Not only do they use the gym and take classes together, but they help one another and distribute encouragement when the workout gets tough. It is also a fun group to be a part of, and everyone seems to know each other. Plus, when you are looking for a good restaurant, or something to do on a weekends look no further than our members. They seem to know something about every spot in Northern Baja.

If you haven’t already, be sure to come down and see for yourself what La Misión Fitness & Yoga is all about. Take in the gorgeous view, meet the staff, and on your way out pick up some lettuce or a delicious rib-eye from the market. Memberships start at less than $1 per day too, so you might as well become a part of what makes us great!

-Corey Evans, CSCS, CISSN

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