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We're Serious About Pain Relief!

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

man helping woman relieve shoulder pain

Pain is a problem! That sounds obvious, but in today's health and fitness crazed world dealing with the pain associated with exercise is not handled as well as it should be. Fitness professionals even seem to be split into two parties. There are the "No Pain, No Gain" types on one side; these are the work hard, play hard individuals that don't know when to quit, and think feeling terrible after a workout is a sign of a job well done. You find these exercisers typically doing Cross Fit, body building or strong man type workouts. On the other end of the spectrum are individuals who do as little as possible in order to avoid pain. These may be inactive individuals, but more often than not they are purposefully doing the bare minimum in terms of physical activity. The thinking on this side is that any pain from activity is actually detrimental to long-term health. Usually individuals on this end enjoy only doing Gentle Yoga, Tai-Chi, or have a regular walking habit.

Spectrum describing activities based on relative expected discomfort
The "pain" training spectrum illustrated. Images courtesy of FreePic

Who is right? The answer, like most polarized issues is: BOTH... and Neither...

"Red-lining" during every workout can result in stress injuries, adrenal fatigue, and actually lead to reduced overall health. Likewise, never breaking a sweat during a daily walk or Tai-Chi routine may not stimulate the body enough to have any affect on overall health. Too much pain is our body telling us to stop, or that an injury has occurred. No pain at all may mean that the activity is too easy, and you might even be wasting your time if you are serious about getting results. Some pain or discomfort from working out is actually a good thing.

So how then do we manage our pain? This is the million dollar question in the health and wellness field, because pain is very subjective. Individuals have different levels of pain tolerance, and the more well trained an individual is at a given activity typically means that the activity will be easier or less strenuous. There is of course very real pain that is the result of chronic disease or acute injuries. This pain should be addressed by a medical professional, but there is also a very common, low to moderate level of pain associated with exercise. This is nothing to be alarmed at, but it is also not something to be worshiped.

For the best overall results, both for general health and even pain management, we recommend activities at both ends of the spectrum. We love Yoga for it's restorative effect, but also love H.I.I.T. Training because it increases strength and balance, which are very important to keep up as we age. Pilates increases core strength while simultaneously tuning the mind in to how the body moves, and moderate to intense cardio work is vital to improve cardiovascular functioning. Of course, some discomfort or even pain may result from starting any exercise program, but when a fitness routine is properly balanced, this pain is greatly reduced or even eliminated.

What does La Misión Fitness & Yoga do to help it's members with exercise induced pain?

As the title of this blog states; we take our member's pain seriously at La Misión Fitness & Yoga. One of our goals is to reduce or even eliminate exercise induced pain (and other pain) among our members. To accomplish this we:

1. Outfitted the gym with proven pain reducing equipment

We have several machines and pieces of equipment around our facility that are atypical for many gyms. Our vibration plate and infrared sauna have been clinically shown to reduce pain in various circumstances. We also have foam rollers, lacrosse balls, inversion/traction equipment, and most importantly a knowledgeable staff that is willing to educate every member on the best ways to utilize these implements.

2. Work to build a network of trusted doctors and therapists

We know that as talented as our staff is, we cannot do everything for every member. In some circumstances it is necessary to get a second opinion or refer out a member for the best results. Not every gym will do this, but we check our pride at the door and put our members first. Sometimes for the best results a member may need to see a massage therapist or chiropractor, or perhaps they should talk to a doctor about their pain. We know some of the best professionals in the area, and are always looking for more suggestions.

3. Distribute Ted's Pain Cream

Starting in July, La Misión Fitness & Yoga became one of the few distributors in Mexico of Ted's Pain Cream. This topical ointment was developed by two neuroscientists to treat their own chronic pain. They can explain the way it works much more eloquently, so please watch the video below!

So what can you do about your pain?

If you are suffering from pain currently, we can help you take steps towards reducing it, and starting out your own balanced fitness routine.

First come talk to us about your pain...

Together we can come up with a strategy to get you moving. We think motion is the best lotion for many aches, and not moving because of pain might actually be causing you more pain. We offer many options for almost any fitness level in both group and personal training. We'll even show you how to use the vibration plate, foam roller, or schedule a sauna appointment.

...then try group or personal training.

Our members get the best results with group and personal training. Of course you can go at it on your own, but the motivation and instruction is much higher in a group/personal setting. Consistency is also important. One session alone can have powerful effects, but the greatest results come from consistent, regular exercise.

Try a bottle of Ted's

If you have chronic pain it may be in your best interest pick up a bottle of Ted's Pain Cream. Our members have already had tremendous success using it for arthritis, carpal tunnel, and even pain from shingles.

La Misión Fitness and Yoga wants to help you end your struggle with pain, whether it be chronic or induced by exercise. We also want you to enjoy all types of activities, and be with you every step of the way on your better health journey.

-Corey Evans, CSCS, CISSN

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